As stated in Iceland monitorReykjanes Peninsula is perhaps one of the most underrated places in Iceland. It’s the home of Keflavik International Airport, and most tourists drive straight from there to Reykjavik without so much as a stop for a look around, aside for a visit to the Blue Lagoon. They don’t know what they’re missing.”

There are many stunning places to visit on the Peninsula – some them are listed here.
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Volcanic eruption in Geldingadal – Iceland

An eruption started in Geldingadalur in march 2021, to the south of Fagradalsfjall, the first known eruption on the Peninsula in about 800 years. You can take a hiking tour from Grindavik to see the eruption, it surely is a breathtaking experience. To get up to date information about maps of the hiking trails, GPS tracks, information about how to dress, along with the weather forecast for the eruption site, visit Safetravel in Iceland.