Want to experience somthing entierly different?

You can go on guided hiking tours (in Icelandic) on the Reykjanes Peninsula for only 1500 ISK.

Every Wednesday from May 27th thru August 12th, you can go by bus from Keflavik and experience the beauty on the Reykjanes Peninsula first hand.

The difficulty of the walks vary and they range from 2-3 hours walks up to 6-7 hour walks.

Suggested to have on these trips are:

  • Good hiking boots
  • A pair of hiking sticks
  • Light snack (biscuits, sandwich or fruits)
  • Drinks
  • Outdoor clothing (an extra sweater, extra pair of socks, a hat)

B&B Guesthouse staff will tell you where to go to catch the bus and you can check out the schedule (in Icelandic) here: