What you will be getting by staying at B&B Guesthouse:
  • Continental breakfast
  • Pick up OR drop off at International airport.
    • Arriving guests at International Airport call us @ +354 867 4434 when they arrive in Iceland. 
    • Departure guests give us the details of when they need to drop off, when they check in. We start very early in the morning around 3:30 AM – 4:00 AM or on guests requests.
    • Late night check-in is alright.
  • For guests that live in Iceland – we will drop you off at the airport and deliver your car at the airport when you arrive
  • Free WI-FI access
  • “32 flatscreen TV in all rooms
  • Great and friendly service
  • No hidden charges
* Please contact (info@bbguesthouse.is) directly if pricing is needed for an extra mattress or a child-bed. 
We offer our guests 7% discount if payment is made in cash.​​​​​​ We accept EUR, ISK and USD.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation can only be done thru phone at +354 867-4434.

If cancellations are not given within 48 hours, a full fee for room price is charged.
If cancellations are given timely the guest will get a full refund.

* If guests are arriving later than midnight, they have to call us at +354 867 4434 and notify us when they will be arriving after midnight.